MOBIE provides unique educational pathways promoting skills in new methods of construction, offsite manufacturing, digital competencies and new materials. We explore new ways of building homes and stimulate new ways of thinking. We aim to transform house building into a clean, precision-engineered and efficient process with greater levels of quality control. We want our students to take full advantage of new technologies to provide safer, healthier and more affordable places to live that use less energy to build and run.

Home is the most important piece of architecture in our lives. It crafts the way we live, and how we grow as families and communities. A well-designed home can enhance the way we live and promote our well-being. I’m passionate about high standards of home-design, high quality home-building and creating truly affordable, sustainable and beautiful communities for everyone to be able to enjoy living in.

At MOBIE we believe it is for tomorrow’s generation to define how they want to live now, and in the future. I started MOBIE to create a generational shift, to inspire, train and retrain the young people who will deliver the homes and places that we want and really need. There are incredible opportunities to create a new built environment, one that is truly green, affordable, promotes health and well-being and builds homes that are amazing spaces to live in.

We have created an educational pathway from BTEC through to post graduate in future and advanced homes and construction. Our first MSc in Advanced Home Futures at Teesside University commenced in 2018, and more courses at different levels start in 2019.

We want to positively disrupt the homebuilding sector by attracting and nurturing a new cohort of designers, makers, developers, and economists, planners, surveyors and integrators to enter and reshape the housing industry. Come and join us in the homebuilding revolution - by joining a MOBIE course you will help us to deliver our most important buildings better and more affordably through a different way of thinking and doing.

George Clarke, Founder, MOBIE