In September 2018 we are launching Further and Higher Education courses that will excite and transform the way we provide and think about homes.  Entitled ‘MOBIE Advanced Home Futures’, the courses will launch at three centres:

  • Teesside University

  • Harlow College

  • University of Wolverhampton

The course modules include Design, Specification, BIM, Construction Technology, Science and Materials, Digital Modelling, Prototype Development and Manufacture. Each module is project based and includes employing digital technologies and skills to maximum effect.

We explore new ways of building homes, stimulate new ways of thinking and aim to transform house building into a precision-engineered and efficient process. We want our students to take full advantage of new technologies to provide safer, healthier and more affordable places to live that use less energy to build and inhabit.

Our courses are open for both part time (day release for apprentices employed in the industry) and full time.

  • Higher National Certificate (Level 4) Advanced Home Futures at both Teesside and Harlow

  • Higher National Diploma (Level 5) Advanced Home Design and Construction at both Teesside and Harlow

  • MSc (Level 7) Advanced Home Futures at Teesside and Wolverhampton

Find out more about enrolling on our course below:

Teesside University

Harlow College

University of Wolverhampton

See you in September!