At MOBIE we believe in doing. Actively participating leads us to the most innovative and sometimes most unexpected ideas and solutions. We invited visitors to UK Construction Week to join us for a simple and creative challenge. The theme was HOME. We asked you to take a simple square of paper and get hands-on and imaginative. By folding and creasing, we challenged visitors to our stand to explore ideas that were beautiful, simple, tactile, tangible, real and imprecise. We explored shapes, made spaces, made structures, made patterns, made anything that we found interesting. This activity naturally lead to active conversations about how we approach the challenges of future home building, home design, home education and beyond.

It was a lot of fun and we were delighted with the enthusiasm the challenge received. We’ll be running further challenges soon, we hope to see you there. A flurry of ideas, conversation and invention!

A big thank you to UK Construction Week