by Mark Southgate, Chief Executive of MOBIE

Home is the most important piece of architecture in our lives. It crafts the way we live, and how we grow as families and communities.  A well-designed home can enhance the way we live and promote our well-being.

At MOBIE we believe it is for tomorrow’s generation to define how they want to live now, and in the future. We want to inspire, train and retrain the people who will deliver the homes and places that we want and really need in the future. ‪

Together we are sure we can positively disrupt the homebuilding sector by attracting and nurturing a new cohort of designers, developers, procurers, makers, and economists, planners, surveyors and integrators to enter and then shape the industry by thinking differently - to deliver our most important buildings better and more affordably.


How can you help?

As well as adding your voice to our #LoveHome campaign by tweeting your answer to our key question - "How do we make homes and places our kids are going to love when they grow up?" - you can help us achieve our big ambitions to change the face of home building and bring a new generation into making the homes of tomorrow in other ways.

If you care about homes and places as much as we do, and you want to be part of a real movement for change, then contact me at, via Twitter @marksouthgate2 or by phone 07917 427474.

Your support can help us to engage school children, train tomorrow’s house designers and constructors, learn more about the cutting edge of home design and create a national centre of learning and practice. 

We are also keen to partner with companies and foundations that share our objectives. Together we can accelerate innovation, and inspire, attract and train our future workforce to create the high-quality homes and great places that we all deserve.

You can support us in four key programmes we are developing:

MOBIE courses in advanced home futures and construction at Higher, Degree and Masters level. These promote innovative and inspiring house design and manufacture through new ways of thinking and making. Our first MSc in Advanced Home Futures at Teesside University commenced in 2018, and more courses start in 2019.

We want to spread this opportunity far and wide so many, many more students enter the home making professions with a different way of thinking and doing.

Education programme for schools focused on the home.

This will engage our future home-makers, and occupiers, in thinking differently about home and it will expose them to the exciting opportunities offered by a career in the built environment, home creation and manufacture.

National and International Centre for Advanced Home Design and Manufacture that will demonstrate the cutting edge of advanced home manufacture and design, acting as a link between home design learning and house manufacture.

Research and Development programme focussed on home design, modular building, and modern methods of construction, plugging the gaps in our knowledge and disseminating learning to all those who care about future homes.

If you care about homes and places as much as we do, and you want to be part of a real movement for change, then contact me at, via Twitter @marksouthgate2 or by phone 07917 427474.